The reserve button for Regatta tasks was a great addition towards improving Regatta task selection. Thanks. More is needed for advanced players. I only do tasks with 135 value, but it is a fight to find a desirable task. I don't like to be stuck with repetitive tasks..... give us choice! List the tasks, give 3 or 4 point option choices. And if you game creators need to have some control give mystery options with point choice only and a special incentive to inspire a player to choose your mystery task. You can offer any of your rewards or competition incentives to get players to chose them. I don't care about the cheater put them all in the same league. There is no way a co-op of 20 to 30 can come up with 50 to 60 tasks with 135 in minutes or a couple hours with the present system. But please give honest players some choice over their task selection. . Thanks for hearing me out look forward to more improvements in the Regattas.