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Thread: How Are Co-ops Connecting Outside Of Game?

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    We are able to post line ID's in chat.. We have a website the states u must have access to either Line App or the group forums here. All of our members use Line.. we have a leaders chat group and a members chat. Really helps

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    I'm thinking Line is probably best. I've used it for years and like the way you can still be totally anonymous, or as personal as you like.

    I also like the way you can organise separate chats, so probably going to go with that.

    Those that are international, how do non-English speakers get involved, though?

    We have some in our co-op who are great helpers/taskers, but don't speak English...

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    In my coop , we have members from 10 countries. The ones who are not comfortable with English, read the posts, understand, but do not type much. When they really need to, they do type in English( probably use a translator outside). I avoid using a translator to message them in their language. . When I post pics of my barn offering products, the non English speakers invariably type a few words back.

    without LINE, they would not be participating at all. The game chat communication would just not give them the sense of bonding. Recently, the absolutely quite ones , have started sharing some information about their countries.

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