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Thread: Change Color For Timed Levels

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    Change Color For Timed Levels

    Hi, one big problem that i have is that i only realize that I'm on a timed level after I lose my first try, so i have 2 suggestions:

    1 - Change the color for timed levels, for example since hard levels are red, make timed levels blue, so as soon as you get the description level screen you alaready know it will be a timed level.

    2 - The second change I would suggest is to change the color of the left bar (where you see your boosts and plays lefts) according to the kind of level, right now it's always yellow, make it red on hard levels and blue on timed levels, and the reason for that is that after a few tries i can't remember if it was a hard level or not, and usually i save my boosts for hard levels, so sometimes i miss clearing the lvl because i didnt want to use the (hammer, swap) because i thought it was a normal level.

    PS1: I play Fishdom for Android

    PS2: Why hard levels are not giving double coins anymore?

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    Hi Geeksp! I love your idea, changing the color of the timed levels (and the sidebar) seems super convenient! I'll make sure to forward these pics to the devs. Thanks for sharing!

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    Well I see that suggestion didn’t go anywhere. I’m the same, never notice it’s a timed level until the clock is up! I’d love to see these levels a different colour, only makes sense as the hard levels are differentiated.

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    I like your idea changing the color of the timed levels seems beautiful. Thanks again for sharing a such a nice idea..keep sharing.

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