I tried a search but a bunch of unrelated stuff showed up, so apologies mods if I've just given you another thread to merge.

I thought it might be nice to have somewhere for people to post ideas for decorations they'd like to see in their town.

On my list (which grows by the day):

Beach area-

Cute little sand castles. Either a selection of different ones (a posh one, a "kiddie" one, a half built one, etc), or maybe like the park where you get a different one depending on rotation.
With or without bucket and spade style "sand toys". Or those could be another separate decoration.

Beach towels. We have the sun chairs, but some towels would be nice to lay on the sand. Could be one, or could choose from different colours/styles.

Little ice cream stand (just a one-square "beach stall").

Rock pools. Maybe the colour of the mountains, and again could be different selections or depend on rotation. Could be different sizes available too, one square, three long (or a corner piece), four square. Or could make a few one squares and make them connect (code like creek/fences).

Fountain -

One of them ones like in Disney (and other places I'm sure) where they're just a series of teeny holes in the ground, and they "throw" the water from one hole to the next,
(Obviously needs to be animated).
Again, could be either a four square size, or could just buy as many as you want to join together. Would have to start with two so maybe first purchase would be two squares (or holes) for (200 coin), then (100 coin) for each additional one.

Roads/town -

Maybe some streetlights? I know we have the ones on the benches, but it would be nice to have some stand-alone ones to scatter around the town. Bonus: they're already designed! Just, pull them off park lane.

General -

We have a veggie cart, why not a fruit stall or jam stand?

Some flower "clumps" would be nice. Rather than the "boxy" square flowers, keep those same flowers but just a few in the centre of a transparent square.

New fences. Something between white picket and Buckingham Palace would be lovely. Maybe an iron wrought? Or wooden panel or trellis style?

I know I've forgotten a load so I'll be back 😂

Please feel free to add more