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Thread: 4th Year Celebration Event: Pink Mallet

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    4th Year Celebration Event: Pink Mallet

    I just picked up what looked like a large pink mallet from the house of luck. It isn't in my barn. Does anyone know what it is?

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    I think it's a free mallet for in the event game. You can use it to remove a block.

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    The mallet can be used in the event match game.
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    Thanks for the clarification, guys!

    I'll remove my post to avoid confusion (haven't had a chance to play much yet).
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    Ah yes, thanks - found it now!

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    A Weird Pink Hammer

    Hi, recently I played the Lucky House and got myself 3 weird pink hammer, just like the title.. Here is a picture of it : The reason I said it's weird is because I cant find it anywhere in the barn. So, do you know the name of it and what it's used for? Thank you so much.

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    It's used in the event game at the carnival to knock out pieces if you need to.

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