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Thread: 4th Year Celebration Event: General Questions & Opinions

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    Quote Originally Posted by dreadnought View Post
    Well, i know that's weird to complain about this, but i haven't played the game for few days, and today, when i opened it, opened the event center, the message that i completed the last personal goal popped up. I received the profile picture, and the land expansion, and i wasn't even close to the score of finishing it... i kinda feel robbed of the victory, i was planning to catch up with the event game this weekend, and achieve all goals..
    Lol, that happened to me too, but I thought my lady helped me out, doing a few puzzles for me
    Now I understand why she looked surprised when I gave her annextra kiss

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZombieRoo View Post
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    lmao completely IMPOSSIBLE

    Total con

    At least I got the stage 6 10 t-cash prize. The stage 7 ones seem literally impossible to achieve unless you have heaps of hammers.


    Bad show.
    That one is actually doable, but depends on luck far too much (and your nerves too). You need to be lucky with torpedos pointing the right way and appearing on the right height AND hoping for enough of them to appear in 3 moves. Setting them off needs a move too...

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    Easy and fun event. Tomorrow I will get real wizard avatar still hunting Tcash in mystery boxes

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    Solving the levels was easy enough, but getting the tickets was not. I agree with those that found the event too resource heavy. Unless you had vast amount of empty barn space to stock up on crops, or a crop booster at all times, it took way to long to get a ticket. If people have to wait 30-60 minutes for the next go (and that go then is over in about 10 seconds), they disconnect. Well, I did anyway. It's worse than Disneyland in summer!
    First event in which I did no more than the bare minimum (hitting all personal event goals). Well, a bit beyond because it still made for a fast regatta task. Just not worth the effort outside regatta.
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    Coming to the end I think I can safely state (at least to myself) that this is the worst event I’ve seen so far. Very resource heavy and the least rewarding of all events. All in celebration for the game’s 4th birthday. Hate to say it, but Playrix lost a few credits with this one. Terrible, absolutely terrible. And apologies to my ingame friends who didn’t get help much during this event. Next time we get events like these, screw it. I’d rather help others with my stuff than waste it on hit & miss tickets.

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    So the event has ended and I came in second in my competition group, but I'm not seeing the rewards to collect anywhere...any idea where they should be? Thanks!


    Aaaaaaaand nevermind, just opened the game again and I was taken to the event center with the reward.

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    Quote Originally Posted by julietbravo120 View Post
    I agree with Nana. The reqirements to buy a ticket are way too much and I don't have any boosters hanging around to help. My co-op partner agrees, just too much for too little.
    I agree. I liked the event but the crops they asked for Yikers! I took off this week of racing because between the planes and the game I just needed a relaxing week. Besides want to concentrate on building my gems back up. I had to buy 3 2xs crop boosters and a couple 2xs animal production just to keep up. I gave on my trains all together after day 5. Great event but lightening up a little on required items would be much appreciated.

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