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    Level 151


    I've been playing long enough to know that not quite everything is consistent, but it's still fun. Level 151 gets me though. The lemonade in the bottom left corner does not behave the same way as the others. I think, from memory, that there are six glasses of lemonade. For five of them, when you explode the rock then match the adjacent fruit, the lemonade will fall catty-cornered through the arrowed exit. But the one in the bottom left will not fall after match three. I believe it will require a higher level explosive (bomb, dynamite, tnt) to actually touch the lemonade in order for it to move. The other five do not require this. And, given the improbability of one of those explosives reaching that corner, it's a very inconvenient bug.

    Please fix this with the next update, or at the very least mark the level as difficult.

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    It's not just the bottom left. It's one of the six glasses. One of the six glasses is somehow coded incorrectly. Five of them move the same way, one of them requires an extra step, and its position moves.

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