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Thread: Problems After September 14th Update (Windows)

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    problème avec zoo palais de la chance bateaux et fonderie township sous windows10

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    Quote Originally Posted by janieg View Post
    I don't understand how to do any of the fixes such as " run as "administrator I am not a tech expert and the game is fun but I can't make any progress so this may be the end for me.

    New update in the play store, trying that now myself

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    having same issue!!!!!

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    I am having same thing with my laptop to

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    I will stop too when my problem (downloading elements, 0%) won't solved....Don't understand why they do updates if it can't work the right way after this...

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    I hope for them that a bunch of people will stop after this, damn annoying is this cr*p....When update something, do it the right way.....Better will be no updates anymore...

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    Okay just got the fix for the game, went back to windows store and there it was another everything works again.

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    Received an email back and it told me to go to the Windows store to the Township app and I was to update it though there as well. Did that, it updated and now everything works again.

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    Same here and with several of my friends. Cant do the regatta cause we can't access half our stuff.

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    I can only download the game again in the windows app store...Is that what you did? I see no update by clicking on township in the app store...

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