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Thread: Problems After September 14th Update (Windows)

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    Problems After September 14th Update (Windows)


    I just installed the windows update and it mentions that there are new features in the zoo, the mine, the lab, the house of luck, ...
    As a result, none of these buildings work any more. When I - or the other member of our co-op who was silly enough to install it right away - try to go to them, it always says "loading graphics for the zoo (mine, lab, ... )" but the download stays stuck at 0% and it says right underneath "Please try again later".

    When is "later" - meaning when will the graphics become available so that the game can be played again and why are they not included in the update in the first place?

    Thanks for a quick solution

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    I am having the same issue. It is not just zoo, for me it is also house of luck, mine, and academy with the same message.

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    OK Playrix, here's an opportunity for a little positive PR.

    Please explain, in detail, just what the message "loading graphics for....." means. Is it the Windows version specific? Are you trying to load graphics from the Internet (i.e. Download) or get the graphics into the program's memory (i.e. Load)? What would cause the load to hang up (Server problems if Internet, local disk / file system problems, insufficient device memory available)? What is the suggested corrective action (reinstall, reboot, yada yada)? What information would you need to diagnose the issue if the suggested corrective actions fail to resolve it?

    Providing the information here could help lots of people who have the same issue. It could even make it into your Troubleshooting FAQ.

    Please help. Thank you.

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    Same issue here. Co-op members as well. I sent a support ticket, but no response.

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    I'm using my pc for this game and I'm having this issue, it worked just fine until the game crashed, I reopened it and now it says in game elements are downloading, I cant find a solution for PC issues, help.........

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    Automatic update today on windows10 desktop, message is 'in game elements downloading' for 6 hours still at 0%. Cannot access mine, zoo, ships.

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    Unhappy Problems after September update

    Quote Originally Posted by VailVeix View Post
    Just did the update on a windows desktop. I now cannot get into the house of luck, zoo, foundry, and other buildings. It says in game elements downloading please come back later :\
    I have the same problems...

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    I'm having this issue on a pc, how do I fix this?

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    Same problem here...I have already sent a support message...I can only play through my mobile...

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    Quote Originally Posted by TKB View Post
    I didn't lose my friends nor my avatar with the update. What is happening is I no longer have access to enter my mine, my house of luck, nor my academy. I keep getting this message: In-Game Elements Downloading, Please Try Again Later Download: 0%. It has been this way for several hours. I even logging in and out and shut down and restarted my computer. HELP.
    Same with me and half of my coop. We're all very frustrated. Has anyone heard anything from Playrix about a timeframe for getting these bugs fixed?

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