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Thread: Problems After September 14th Update (Windows)

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    I have lost my friends, my co-op, my building, the water in my game design. My coins and tcash seem to be ok. I have emailed support and am waiting for a reply. I"m the leader of the co-op and we were about to win the gold regatta. So frustrating!

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    Deleting the program completely from my pc and reinstalling it brought it back. And we did win the regatta!

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    Have someone still trouble with downloading 0% zoo,mine etc. I can't find any Update in Windows store to fix this problem. I saw on the forum that It is version 452 but i have only 450. Support from the Game It is so big ...... Which i have never seen before in my life.

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    I'm having issues today. I joined a co-op last night before shutting down my computer ( I play on my computer running windows 10) I launched the game today and it loads then the Regatta Tutorial launches and I am prompted to click to continue... I am unable to click anything else in the game to stop this. It brings up a window that shows Task in Progress Click Continue... I can`t do anything else. Then the whole game just closes. I have uninstalled the game 2 times and reinstalled and that doesn`t make any difference. Not sure what to do. I can`t even launch the game past this and it`s just an endless loop. I can`t even contact support in game because I can`t get ingame.

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