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Thread: Friends From Facebook

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    Friends From Facebook

    I've noticed that it became lottery will your new friends from the Facebook show in your ingame list of the players or not. I've disconnected from facebook couple of times, uninstalled the game, sent invitations to those people from the game, but they aren't in my list. I have enough space for new friends, still haven't received final achievement "Urbanist club". I'm getting out of the ideas what to do next, so I'm asking nicely for an idea or Playrix, please fix this issue!
    Thank you in advance!

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    have you tried to add friend in facebook, then wait for their acceptance.. once they accepted you, go into your township and look into your friends list for it to refresh.. but your township will need to connect to your FB for it to detect your accepted friends
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    Yes, I tried. I became with a friend couple months ago and I still don't have her in my friends list labeled as a friend from the facebook. This was an example, but not the isolated case. Thanks for trying to help me ☺️

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    Hi Tijana,

    Just to double-check, are you sure you're all on the same platform? Only certain systems can play together (even if you're friends on FB).

    I'm trying to think of what else could cause this...hmm. There has been some related glitching in the September update. I'll do some research and get back to you.
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    How to check it? Some ppl are from UK, some Us...

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    I see, thanks!

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    I've checked with few friends, they play on android just like me and one of them that I am connected to plays on ios. So, that's not the solution nor rule at all.

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    Any updates about my problem? ☺️

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    An update from my side, one of the friends has me, but I still don't have him. How can I bother Playrix directly? Seems they don't care about forum...

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