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Thread: Different Food Items in the Zoo

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    Different Food Items in the Zoo

    I would like to see new/different food items in the zoo than what we make every day. Who would sell a pat of butter for a snack? As it is, we make an item, then have to wait for it again. Perhaps some crackerjack. Popcorn is okay, jellybeans, cookies, ice-cream cones. Perhaps an 'oven' where we can make new items like cotton candy.

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    Oh c'mon now! Who doesn't like to snack on a big cholesterol-filled pat of butter???

    Considering you can have up to 8 shops in the zoo, that would be a LOT of items that would need to be unique unless you do a bit of both. But it could get complicated if you have a "factory" at the zoo. I don't know. Seems like maybe we should just have another couple of factories that help to give a more accurate selection at the zoo.

    But that's just my take. I look forward to seeing other responses.
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