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Thread: Speculation

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    The spam filter is pretty good, but sometimes it's a little too strict. It usually catches posts with a lot of formatting or links. My guess is it didn't like that you quoted the link in _DD_'s original. It might think that same link reposted multiple times = spam. idk, just wanted to reassure you that it's nothing you did. Just an overactive filter

    Quote Originally Posted by Bethany Clarke View Post
    Why do I need a moderator to post on this forum? I already posted here earlier no problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bethany Clarke View Post
    Okay. Thanks. So, I need to have finished Gardenscapes in order to play this game? It looks like a sequel that you need Gardenscapes in order to play...
    Hi Bethany

    Not at all. Completely separate game. I do not have Gardenscapes and installed Homescapes today.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ann View Post
    Im enjoying it so doesn't seem to be as frustrating as gardenscapes […]
    I tried Gardenscapes a few months ago and deinstalled it the very next day, life is too short for that.
    Homescapes seems to be more fun for not soo patient people

    two days later ....

    Okaaay, I'll think about it and might change my opinion regarding this patience-thingy later by times
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    i agree..I am thinking of getting rid of gardenscape once n for all...I'm in love with homescape...although not loving the cat part....I'm not a cat person..but a dog person....( please, Austin, get a dog...) I just want my sweet puppy I created on gardenscape to come to this game....

    I'm on level 32 if homescape

    - Krissy M

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    Bethany, don't have to finish GS at all to do this....actually I'm thinking of removing GS as its started to annoy me

    I'm loving Homescape n I'm only on level 32

    -Krissy M

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    Thanks for the responses, guys! I'm glad to have downloaded the game successfully and am enjoying it so far. Thank you, Honor. I was a little worried at first.
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