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Thread: Selling Goods Faster

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    Selling Goods Faster

    I wish there was a way that was a little faster to sell stacks of building materials, goods, etc.
    • There could be an arrow to the right and left that goes up/down in increments of 10 for each tap.
    • As you hold down the + button it could increment faster the longer you hold it down.
    • Maybe start the selling counter from 0.

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    hi Brendon,
    lol, what do you have in your barn (or where), that you need to - or can - sell stuff in such amounts?! :-)
    I wouldn't mind your firsto two suggestions, but must say I appreciate the current offer with starting in the middle. This way I can increase or decrease easily, whatever is needed in the actual situation. Easier than when it started at one end.

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