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Thread: Show Requested Help Stats

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    Show Requested Help Stats

    Would be lovely to have a stat to show number of requests for help as well as number of helps given. Easier to spot whether you yourself, or anyone else is leeching. We could strive for a rough balance.

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    You can already see the number of helps given for someone in their town hall statistics. It's under Other Players Helped and Goods Shared with Co-op Members.
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    Yes, it's the number of times they've requested help that I want to see.. to compare the two.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bessville View Post
    Yes, it's the number of times they've requested help that I want to see.. to compare the two.
    Bess, not everyone will see asking for help as leeching. Many of us request help even when we don't need it so that other players can get clovers, coins, achievements and so on. The coop I am in has a policy to tag one car per train, 3 per plane and request products as often as possible in coop chat. Asking for help is another form of sharing for me.

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    I don't mean to imply asking is always, or even usually, leeching, Garv. But sometimes it is, in my experience, and it would be easier to identify it both in oneself and others if the stat was given. It's no more meaningless that the help stat.. with both some reading between the lines is necessary. I mean, high helps isn't always good.. it can mean ur being a terrible clover hog, lol.. just as low requesting isn't always good, as you describe, since it denies other folk the chance to help you. It's just always seemed odd to me to give a stat for one side of the coin but not the other, that's all.

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    Garvamatic, I'm with you. I am the leader of a co-op, and never used to ask for help. But since I require everyone to give, I make it a point now to ask for help on every train and plane so they can have clovers for the Regatta.

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    +1 to Barb and Garv. Asking for help is giving other players an opportunity to earn clovers, coins, and XP. Remember we don't earn coins for filling our own trains, but someone else does. So if you need a cheeseburger and I need a cheeseburger, I should fill yours and you should fill mine.
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