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Thread: Upgrading Barn

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    Upgrading Barn

    Why is it so hard to get building materials to upgrade the barn? Those materials are getting rare now, do you agree? It seems like paint, nails, and hammers rarely come in anymore....please support me so the developers will pay attention, thanks friends

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    i have been trying this technique and it works well with me.

    if you have unfinished community building (CB), the train mostly will bring item for your CB. get that done first. then stop build another CB if its available for you. with this, the train will bring most of the item to upgrade your barn

    the trains know what you need. if you have unfinished CBs, the train will tend to bring random item and that makes thing hard to complete both upgrading barn & CB.
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    Agreed Da Ge, I recently took a hiatus from CBs to save for factories and saw a dramatic increase in barn upgrade tools and mining stuff appearing on trains when no buildings were under construction.

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    It could be a bit of luck too when it comes to it. I don't have any more CBs to build, the trains still bring materials for it en masse.

    Imo upgrading the trains as fast as possible; sending about 25 trains and 3-4 fully loaded planes a day is the best you can do. I need 70 barn tools each per upgrade now and it takes me about 9-10 days to upgrade the barn again. In October I finally want to hit 3.000 barn space
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    Just keep the quantity of tools needed for the next upgrade. By selling the excess of the first tool will help getting the third tool. Hoarding create more problems then solution in Township.
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    Also use all other means of getting new instruments for barn. Fully loaded planes, boxes in HoL and selling items in the zoo all can yield tools to upgrade the barn.

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