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Thread: Activation Problem

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    I’m having problems linking my account and I don’t understand what it’s asking me to do

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ellys Hollow View Post
    I’m having problems linking my account and I don’t understand what it’s asking me to do
    If you are referring to the forum account registration, you must check your email (the address you used to create your account) and click on the link you received. Afterwards, close the forum, re-open and log in again.
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    I received an answer to me trying to enter this forum. You emailed me saying that my email address was not valid. It's funny because you sent the refusal to THE SAME address. Lol That's the only was I could receive it. I think it's funny! I'm sending my e-mail, the same way as before and I would just like to enter this forum. Trying to sign up has now taken me 46 minutes and you refused me. Can this be fixed, please? Thank you.

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    Hi Mary, are you getting a message saying "This user's primary usergroup is also listed as a secondary group for this user. Please change the primary group or remove the secondary group." If you could PM me (or Nevada or Dread) what you were sent, we can pass it to Admin for a look. It does seem, though, since your post is here and you're listed as a New Member, that you are in fact able to post in the meantime.
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