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Thread: The Large Market Conundrum

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    The Large Market Conundrum

    Having a large number of market boxes is the goal for most players, and indeed it does make the game easier to play.
    And as an added bonus, you get to be Daddy or Mamma Warbucks to your friends and Coop members. You will be
    a valued Coop member with a resource like that!

    But at a certain point it starts to become rather unwieldy don't you think?

    Like, you are searching for something, get distracted, and forget which way you were going, right to left or left to right.
    Or how about searching, not finding, then going on to next item, and as you search for that item, find lots of the previous
    item. "How could I have missed so many?!" And most annoying is to be all the way to the end on the right hand side when you
    want to employ Raja. "Okay, lets scroll all the way back to the left." Or my favorite, it takes you so long to get to the other side, you forget what you were looking for!

    I know what some of you are thinking. "Well, that serves you right for buying all of those boxes!"
    You know what?, when I had a pittance of market boxes, I probably would have been in your camp.

    Contributing to this are all the new action toys Playrix is bombarding us with in each new update. With each offering comes
    T-cash and what is one to do with all that T-cash?

    There are some things they could do with the market box thingie that would make it more workable, but probably will not.
    Make the whole thing wraparound or something. Like you are at the far right. Press the right arrow and it takes you back
    to the start where Raja resides. And perhaps a double arrow for both right and left where you go all the way to the beginning
    or end.

    I guess I'm going to keep growing, those new toys are just too cool!
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    There is a wraparound if you play on a larger screen, at least on Kindle Fire. On my Android phone I only have side-to-side scrolling, but on my Kindle Fire I have two rows of boxes. I agree, at some point, how many boxes is too many? I have stopped buying them because there is only so much marked up goods I am willing to buy at one time.

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    Maybe some kind of sort function is in order? Or another idea I like is having empty boxes move to the end automatically

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    I agree that the more boxes you buy for the market, the more unmanageable it gets.
    There was a post few weeks ago with some great ideas for market re-design, which would be very helpful especially for huge markets.

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    The easiest way would be to use barn interface for the market. It already has rows and neat tabs to filter stuff. And which is important items get sorted by quantity available. I wouldn't mind paying real money if it is an upgrade.

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    Rich-girl problems, Cobalt, lol. Can u tell I'm just jealous? Seriously, though, I agree. It could at least be ordered by type of item, or even factory source, or level at which item is available, or anything really, which would help.

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    I have stopped buying market boxes at around 50. I find that is enough to give me a good variety of items to buy without being too overpowering. I do try to buy everything except crops and I even buy those when I've just upgraded my barn and have lots of room - it's not like they go bad and it helps me to be the Graylady <g> for my coop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Starshine View Post
    - it's not like they go bad and it helps me to be the Graylady <g> for my coop.
    LOL!! wonderful expression :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Starshine View Post
    - it's not like they go bad and it helps me to be the Graylady <g> for my coop.

    LOL So funny! Love the humor

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    Is there a limit of boxes

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