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Thread: Basic Regatta Questions

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    Basic Regatta Questions

    If members of the Co-Op take a task in the beginning of the regatta, but for not complete the task, so they get the same rewards as the members that have actually completed tasks? Also, can the Leader of the Co-Op demote, Co-Leaders? Also, can Do-Leaders promote members to higher positions? Last comnent, I'm not sure how this forum works and if I'll get a response to these questions and if I do where will I find it? Thank you☺ I'm not sure if I'm supposed to give my email addres, but here is an email address, that I will check. marychristineclark

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    Hello and welcome to the forum!

    There is some great info in this guide to regattas:

    And this guide to co-ops:

    In brief, players who have set their status to racing get rewards whether or not they have completed a task.

    Yes, leaders and co-leaders have the power to promote and demote other members. The co-leader cannot demote the leader, however.

    Your replies will be here, probably best not to post your email address.
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    The leader has absolute power. The leader can promote, demote, and kick out anyone. A co-leader can promote to elder and co-leader and demote and kick out elders and members but not another co-leader. Any member marked racing gets rewards no matter what they do.

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    Can players change their status to not racing like when they are on vacation?

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    yes they can.
    they need to do it before next race starts.
    to do it, click the cog wheel top left of the main screen, click additional settings, untick Participate in regatta.

    remember once the player come back from vacation and want to race next regatta, do the same steps
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    Thank you!!

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    Just want some advice as to how can I possibly get 138 rubber trees in one day??
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    Turtle Town is seeking active and social team members. Please join us!!

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    CarolinaReaper, if you are able to plant 69 fields with rubber tree plants AND you have enough of the correct gems to by the crop doubler OR you have won a crop doubler in one of the events that you can use, then it is possible. Worth your time? Not really, IMO. I just dump that one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CarolinaReaper View Post
    Just want some advice as to how can I possibly get 138 rubber trees in one day??
    Two options: with and without boosters.
    1. with boosters: if you have Super-harvest - fields yield twice as much, and as Peggy77 said, have 69 fields available, you can plant all of them, and when they are ready to be harvest, start the task and you are finished in one go.
    2. without boosters: plant all fields available, and when they are ready to be collected, start the task, and immediately plant the next round. Assuming that you still have at least 69 fields available, you will be finished in 12h. Ideally, you can start the task and harvest the first round in the evening, and you can finish the task in the morning.

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