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Thread: Fix Inappropriate Ad Content

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    A few Gardenscapes players had concerns like this a few weeks ago (I think about the Jigsaw ad too)

    Forum admin told me that the best way to get such ads removed is for players to send a report in-game immediately after seeing it. That way they get info about the ad from the report and can remove it.

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    There is an ad that is just a complete very careful,because I lived thru the nightmare. It is the Gwen stafani eye and face sample, I thought I would try it, you pay 4.95 for shipping and handling. My bank called from fraud dept, telling me a company call tryhealth was attempting to take hundreds of dollars from my account. The bank then gave me 3 phone numbers to call. They were very rude,trying to tell me I ok’d this when I gave them my info. I won the case. But not without a lot of aggravation and persistance. I have never given my info out to anyone before,but that ad was convincing lol. Please beware.

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