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Thread: Fix Inappropriate Ad Content

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    Fix Inappropriate Ad Content

    Please be cautious of the ads you allow to run in this game. I just saw an ad for a "game" whose title I cannot recall exactly but contained the words Ryan and Love Story. Children play this game. The graphics of this ad included a man touching a woman's chest, people kissing. All of these things are inexcusable.

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    So I assume kids never see their parents kiss? Lol. What a sensitive society we have become.

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    Its one that night to see parents kiss. It's another to see the way the people in ads are making out. It is a bit too mature for some

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    Quote Originally Posted by Regatta 135 View Post
    So I assume kids never see their parents kiss? Lol. What a sensitive society we have become.
    Inappropriate response.

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    There's kissing and there's kissing plus grope! I'd take it on trust that if someone feels the need to complain that's it's more than the normal kiss you'd give in front of your kids. I'd be annoyed too OP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barb Galloway View Post
    Inappropriate response.
    I myself have not saw the add so I cant speak to any touching of a womans chest. I would say thats going to far to have on a game thats rated 4+. However the op stated people kissing is inappropriate, I disagree with that. Not sure why you would deem my post as an inappropriate response but I wanted to clarify what I did and didnt agree with.

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    I agree with the original post. I've seen ads of games where the main character is growing a pot farm and another game, Choices which includes characters making choices in very grown up situations (facing an adulterer in the bedroom). I don't have an issue with these games existing but would have expected that Gardenscapes (rated E) would only advertise other games that are also rated E.

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    I don't think it's a bad policy to have a checkbox that says "don't show this ad again." I could live without ads for blood and gore shooting games.

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    Inappropriate Ads To Get Tcash

    I'm not sure what control the Dev's have over the videos that show at the heliport to get townbucks. I'm quite disgusted at the one that was just shown. It was for a game called hempfire. You're growing drugs and selling for max profit?!? How is this appropriate for a game that children may be playing. I don't know if a new setting, etc may be required to prevent ads like this showing up. Parents, if you are letting your children play, this is just a heads up. Up to now, besides the annoying casino ads, there has not been anything this bad.

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    I had the same slasher film ad (Jigsaw) for days. I presume it was a PG trailer but I found it disturbimg.

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