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Thread: Ingot Storage

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    Ingot Storage

    If we can't get a Bldg to store building materials that's separate from the barn, please consider storing the ingots/bars in the mine and/or in the mint with unlimited storage. In the mint might make more sense because that's where they can be converted into coins anyway. Thank you for your time.

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    I agree with this idea 100%. You talk about why some items take so long to manufature and why some crops take longer, it is based on higher cost, which is simple supply/demand. But where in the world would ingots, and nuggets be stored in a barn??? The Mint makes the most sense to me.

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    I think this would be a lovely idea. I always have building supplies and ingots saved because I am trying to use ingots to upgrade factories and also send on the boats if I need a certain item. This would free up a little space. Another idea would be making the barn upgrade a little larger to accommodate these items when we upgrade?

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