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Thread: Reserving Tasks While In Regatta

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    Reserving Tasks While In Regatta

    Hello all i just signed up and want to suggest an idea if it's possible.

    Currently we are in the middle of the regatta and things are going nice my first task was potatoes which is completed and then i wanted to get olives but that task was taken by the time i finished my potatoes task.

    This happened because we are a very active Co-op and lot's of chatting are done you can request a task via chat but many times the chat is so full that people just don't read it.

    Now my idea is that you can reserve a task and that it's visible if someone else starts a new one so that they know that it is reserved would that be possible to implant?

    Thanks in advance.

    Johan Ketting

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    Be Able To Reserve Regatta Tasks with a Co-op Messageboard/Pinboard or Other Mechanism was suggested a lot and is on the Frequently Suggested Ideas list. We can just hope that the devs will implement it soon!

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    Amen! Would so much rather see that more decorations or a new event. Would just take away some frustrations in regatta.

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    Awesome Idea! Only three of us in my co-op (United Cat Lover's #UNY98S - looking for productive & helpful members!) but we chat to let each other know what tasks we want to do next.

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    I usually don't start prepping for a new task unless I'm very close to finishing my last one (like,15 minutes or less), then I share in the chat that I would like that task. USUALLY it works out, but sometimes people will still take that task.

    Now I've started my own coop, and there is only one other player. It's super nice just because I can guarentee that most of the tasks that I want will still be there!

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    I think this is a great idea, I just started posting in my co-op to let them know also this is my plan with the tasks that I am doing, also asking them not to delete the tasks so I can get to them. I have 2 lined up plus I am working on one currently.

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