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Thread: Contest - Can't Compete in Endgame

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    Contest - Can't Compete in Endgame

    I am at the point where I play for keys, no more levels to play. So whenever there is a contest I can't compete, because there are no more levels to play. Once I get 15 keys, I have to wait 18hrs for the next box. So I can not compete with the firecracker contest. Yesterday I lost 1 1/2 he of free play, because I had no games left.
    Any suggestions?

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    Hi, its a pain of all veterans players. We have been complain but its all we can do meantime waiting for new levels. They are added every week at thursday at least for mobile.

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    Simple, pay to remove the 18 hours waiting time. Its only few hundred coins.
    Anyway, i think they already remove the waiting time only for the contest so you could start play the chest game again

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