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Thread: 08.09 Spot the Differences!

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    Post I counted 11 differences including word Fishdom

    Quote Originally Posted by Lyuba Mashkarina View Post
    Hi there guys!

    Our Spot the Differences contest begins NOW! Take a look at the two images of our fish. Can you spot any differences between them?

    Tell us how many you spotted in the comments, and we’ll randomly pick 5 winners to receive 30 boosters! The results will be announced on Tuesday!

    Good luck!

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    I found 10

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    On the left picture of the fish the final on the back is larger then the other fish and also there is A spot in the brown area that the right fish doesn't have.

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    Spot the difference

    12 differences

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    14 differences, 15 if you are including the word Fishdom being over only 1 image. Alternately, if the directions are meaning to only count the differences between the two fish themselves and not the two scenes, then 3 is my answer. Not sure which yall are going for...

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    I counted 11

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    11 counted w/ Fishdom word

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    11 differences spotted

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    So many differences!!!

    I counted 14. I hope I got it right. Would love to win. I play so many times because I get hung up on so many levels. Would love some tips. Thank you for allowing me to join your group. I also want to wish each and everyone good luck with this wonderful contest.

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    Ich zähle 10 die fehlen oder nicht da sind

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