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Thread: Problems After September 7th Update (iOS/Android/Kindle)

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    Hm, and now what ...
    waiting, what else - aren't we used to it! lol

    btw, I see that indeed a lot of avis have lost their profile pics and have some black/blue default pic.
    No new town sign, though.
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    I play on an Amazon Fire (Kindle) Tablet. No update has shown up. It was about a week late last time!

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    As we're going a bit off-topic from issues with the new update, I'm going to merge a few posts into the Discussions thread.

    Just a heads up!
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    MAJOR issue with this update! After update "installs," the entire app is gone! Reinstalling the App leads to a message to install the update, and a repeat of the app disappearing. PLEASE fix this Playrix...we are in the middle of a regatta!

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    Regatta --- its now the 3rd time i realize my task is set back in a regatta. when i logged in today...i had 7 more to do before log off...and today when i logged in i was back on 8...but all my things i had done where poofed. so i collected and sent things for nothing...did feed and finished tasks for nothing and my team looses pts. as i the 3rd time i realize this. im playing on windows app for pc not really funny especially if some ppl even spend money on this game.

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    I still dont have the update...... im puzzled as other android players have got it there a delay in rolling out an update for one type of platform?
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    I just checked - I still don't have the update offered either (Android, in Europe).

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    I updated my game yesterday, but nothing has changed. No newspaper and T cash, not the New citysign, no changes at all. What happened? Playing on Android.

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    My friend and I experience a friends-bug after updating:
    The Facebook-friends that recently helped are no longer our friends: in the helped-list they all have an 'invite'button underneath their pic. We can't invite them, and of course we can't send them a gift (thanx for helping).

    Second thing: our own pic change on and off from the Facebookavatar to an anonymous man and back.

    And I wonder if the update also causes our loss of 135 points in regatta?!? (the score counted in statistics, but not in endresult against thenother teams)

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    Hi everyone,
    The update is not yet fully released, but it will be soon Those who have trouble with trains and profile pics, kindly write to support. Please include screensots of the train issue. THANK YOU, have an amazing Friday!

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