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Thread: Name Not Shown In Leaderboard

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    Name Not Shown In Leaderboard

    I have a big problem in the game. My name is not displayed in the leaderbord of the best players by plane. I've been playing for two years, I'm one of the best players and I'm currently ranked 18th on the list. But none of my friends can see me. This is very bad. I have been playing for a long time, I spend money and time on the game. If you value your players, solve my problem. I want my name to be seen by all the players. Otherwise I will delete the game. Thank you, your player.

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    Hi Natali

    You will have to report this from within your game. With your report, send 2 screenshots : first of your results under the friends tab, second of where you should appear under the global top. Ask them why you do not appear on the list.

    I do not know why but I know some players never appear on my list. Sometimes I wonder if there are many lists.

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