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Thread: Common Issue: Regatta Points Missing/Calculated Incorrectly

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    Hello, my town name is Câmpina, i play in Nana Mary co op, i am at 46 level. Today i started regatta, i picked my first task - lucky house chest task, i finished quickly, but i never received my points, 135 points. In list my task didn't appear, like i never made it. Please, remediate this bug cause is not the first time when that happened to our co op.

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    Unfortunately, I don't think this is a bug (I could be wrong and you may have a legitimate issue).

    I've had this happen before, more than once. There are two of us in my co-op who hawk the task board the second the regatta starts. Every so often, we'll both go for the same task, (typically a HoL chest task), I shoot off, get my six chests open, only to go back to the regatta and discover I have no completed task, because she's hit start a split second before me.

    Now I (mostly) remember to check at the side of the screen (below coin/cash) to make sure the task is showing up there before I start.

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