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Thread: Common Issue: Regatta Points Missing/Calculated Incorrectly

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    Quote Originally Posted by Graylady View Post
    Hi Collingwood

    You have to report this from within your game. Join these 2 screenshots with your report. Be patient as it will take many days to get a real contact with CS.
    Yes.... but that's a problem when it concerns a shorttimed issue like regatta!

    Luckily we got an answer now and help is on the way: but will it be in time, and will it be fairly (putting us back on top; just adding 135 points without that will be useless as we are already caught up by other teams)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ilary Piazza View Post
    My co-op, la ciurma ciorla, Is facing a problema with regatta. We completare the tasks for the regatta but se didn't recive the point of One task so we are 135 point short. Please help!
    You're not the only one, see some other threads in this section!

    Please contact support from within the game asap and include pics, and hope they can help you in time....

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    Проблема до сих пор не решена, хотя прошло больше суток. Весь союз очень переживает по этому поводу(

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    Missing 135 Derby (Weekly Match) Points?!


    Me and my friends (our neighborhood) are missing 135 points.
    All three of us have succesfully finished our tasks at the moment; none of us missed our deadline for the tasks so far.
    However... We are missing 135 points.

    What's going on?!
    Is this a known bug?


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    Yes, there are several threads already on this subject.

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    It just happened to me something like: finished to grow roses, started a mystery task: boats to Tropica island. I had to wait some time for the ships to come so I closed my phone. When I opened it again the roses were still in the fields, the ships in the port and the rose task failed. I don't think that the 135 points lost will make any difference in the race, anyway....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zelda View Post

    My friend finally got a reply yesterday: support has send the invo to the devs and they'll do their best to identify and fix the problem asap.

    Nothing has happened yet.
    Now I wonder: do they work in the weekend...? And if they (hope so) will fix it before regatta is over fix it in what way? Cause currently we are nr.3 and nr. 4 is right behind us, so giving us just 135 points without us moving to nr.1 position again is probably useless.

    We'll have to wait again.....
    Just a few hours before regatta ends, and sadly to say: nothing has changed still........

    Update little later: YES!! It has just been changed, we are put back as nr. 1 again with full amount!!
    Thanx, devs!!
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    Angry Is this fair?? Wrong score calculation.

    This week of regatta, my team racing with 2 global top co-op, russian co-op (hawa-pawa) and english co-op (helpers). when i took a look to both of those co-ops, i found something strange with one of the russian member, i made a report to playrix, but their answer only "a thank you".

    and now, when regatta comes to end, my team found out that our final score is not match in the sailship score. we only failed 4 points from the perfect score which is 64.796, but in the sailship score, our score is 64.526. And that's makes us become the second place.

    IS THIS FAIR??!!

    Here i attached the proof.


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    Regatta Points Error?

    Hi everyone, we had somewhat around 4.900 points last night (we are not a very competitive regatta), but this morning at the end of the regatta there were only 4.100 left, which meant also that we had one coffer less than displayed last night. Has anyone experienced the same thing? How does this happen??

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    Sounds like one of your members got banned, which means their regatta score had been deducted from your coop total?
    Blue trashcan: dumping has no effect on current race, only deducts points from Global score (Global Leaderboard etc.)
    Red trashcan: DON'T USE unless you really wish to lose those points in your race!

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