It would be awesome if we had the option to pin, or mark, or something, a regatta task.
It can be really disheartening to prep for a task then someone else takes it just as you've got ready for it.

Example: right now I'm filling planes. At some point yesterday I put field boosts on for a mystery rubber tree task. There is currently a cacao tree task available, so I have emptied my fields and planted cacao (no mean feat in itself with the ever-full barn).
By the time my last plane comes in in four hours, my cacao will be ready to harvest, so I can start the task, harvest, and complete the task in five minutes.
If no one else takes it in the mean time.

It's very annoying to have planted all these trees, filled up all my fields, only to come back in a couple hours time to find someone else has started the cacao task, and eight hours later they still haven't completed it.

I think the option to mark a task so people know it's reserved would be beneficial. People could still start that task, but at least if it had a red dot in the corner or something to show someone else has already prepped for it, they'd be less likely to do so.

In my co-op, people often say in chat if they want a particular task, but, because we're a chatty bunch, it can get lost way down so people that have just logged on don't see it, or, the non-English speakers just don't know.

It could be capped at only one marked task per person at a time so it's still fair.

At least then, also, it would stop us dumping tasks people are getting ready for.

Making a factory-full of jumpers, six up top and six queued, while you wait for your last three trains, can be very annoying to do when someone takes the jumper task just as your last train gets filled.