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Thread: Better Tools To Run A Co-op & Allocation Of Regatta Prizes Only To Contributors

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    Better Tools To Run A Co-op & Allocation Of Regatta Prizes Only To Contributors

    We are really struggling to manage the co-op with the current tools.

    Discussions between leaders and co-leaders requires a separate chat otherwise it causes discontent among the regular members, if we are to be able to promote a friendly gaming environment some comments/discussions should be able to be only between the leadership group.

    A counter on how long people are off-line would help a lot, because of the time differences in our alliance we have no way of detecting when players have been missing for extended periods with any certainty the green light isn't enough.

    Prizes must be restricted at the minimum to those who attempt a task, but I feel you should complete one to get anything it seems very unfair to be rewarded for doing nothing.

    Yes we can kick members who aren't contributing but you need to keep balance of how many members you have if you are going to attract new members. Most people don't look at co-ops with less than 15 members so you tend to have no growth if you remove to many of the leeches, better tools and restrictions on rewards would help manage the process much more efficiently.
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    I'd love to see a separate chat for ranked members.

    I like to run my co-op with input from all my co-leaders, but that can make it very awkward when it comes to discussing just what input a particular player has, and if we want them as part of our group.

    I keep an eye on the player profiles of "leechy" people, to see their overall help amount, but just because they don't help doesn't mean they shouldn't stay.

    I have a good mix of people in my co-op. People who are active, chatty, helpful, and regatta-focused.
    People who don't talk, but help loads and get several tasks done.
    People that do one or two tasks themselves, don't talk much, but rack up hundreds of helps.
    People that don't talk, don't help, don't do many tasks, but also don't ask for helps, just plod through a few tasks on their own each week.
    And people that constantly ask for helps, yet seem to contribute nothing.

    It would be nice to be able to privately discuss with co-leaders if this last persons two or three task contribution is worth the constant take, take, take, along with a multitude of other examples.

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