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Thread: Filling Friends' Trains & Game Name

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    Filling Friends' Trains & Game Name

    I click on them and it takes me to their game. But after that I don't know what to do. I can't help them with their trains. Is there something I'm missing. Also is there a way to change game name? I noticed this game is using an old name I don't use anymore.

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    Hi Lord Tankard. Regarding your old name, is this on your town sign and on all other parts of the game? A new update enabled the players to have their town name rather than their social media name showing. It does sound as if maybe you need to sync with the servers by either rebooting your device and/or uninstalling and reinstalling the game. I hope that you get it all sorted soon.

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    Okay I figured out what is going on. The friend's thing has to do with them responding to my friend request. The name thing is from a game hub something or other that originally came on my mac. I do see my town name so all is good.
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    Thanks for reporting back with the solution!

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