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Thread: Hide/Store Houses & Community Buildings

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    Hide/Store Houses & Community Buildings

    I try to get a balance between levelling up and designing my town. To do this,naturally I need to buy the necessary houses and community buildings so I can increase my town population and expand. I am at level 82 and am struggling to place the huge houses and some of the community buildings. Looking at other towns, I see some gorgeous features and then the inevitable rows and rows of huge brightly coloured houses. It would be so nice if we could hide or store some of them after we have built them. I would rather pay the same amount of coins for a small cottage as a large apartment building just to achieve the look that I would like for my town.

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    This is definitely an idea I support!

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    Quote Originally Posted by _DD_ View Post
    This is definitely an idea I support!
    Thank you DD! I noticed the selling houses thread after I posted, but kept this one up as it is a different slant on the issue.

    I see this as a win-win solution: Playrix still have their population algorithms and we get to choose which houses,once bought, fit in with our town design. Even if it was storage on a limited number of houses, it would certainly help I think?

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    It would be nice if we could store the houses and CBs w/o losing the people level & only put out the ones we like.

    I agree...definitely more variety of homes would be the gargantuan buildings. Or even some art deco type buildings would be fun too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Twilight Bookworm View Post
    It would be nice if we could store the houses w/o losing the people level & only put out the ones we like.
    This would be so good, then when I need to build a factory, like I did today, I wouldn't suddenly remember I need to rebuild all the silly little houses I deleted due to lack of space.

    We can sell them so why not let us store them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twilight Bookworm View Post
    It would be nice if we could store the houses w/o losing the people level & only put out the ones we like.

    Or even some art deco type buildings would be fun too.
    I agree with both ideas, especially storing houses.
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    Oh please let us store the community buildings

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    I agree to all of this 100%. The response that I have noticed, as far as Playrix's stance on this issue, is that they Want us to encounter storage issues because it is apart of the "challenge" in the game. To them, it is like filling customer orders or sending planes out. However, what they don't seem to understand, is that they are unwilling to change with their customer demands and that the game would be More Appealing if they would allow for Some Creativity. One of the responses I saw from a player said that they are essentially losing money by not allowing changes. And I Whole Heartedly Agree. I literally Can't really buy any additional decorations or whatever Due to the space issues. I'm on level 45 and the town is So Cramped and beginning to be Ugly. It really takes Away from the fun part of the game. Rather than "adding a challenge" for us.
    At the Very Least I think that they should Absolutely allow us to have a "choice" on which CBs we have to build OR allow color changes Or Someway to make them look nicer.
    I spend a lot of $ on this game (don't judge me please) so I can move up levels quickly and help my Co-Op out (in Regatta challenges). But, really, the only reason Is for the Co-Op. Not for the decorations, bc I Cant put them Anywhere. I won the sugar challenge, and I kinda hate the rainbow factory. I thought you'd be able to make a rainbow and put it Somewhere in the town (ya right! I should have known)!
    If it wasn't for my Co-Op (I'm the Leader), I honestly would chose to find a different game with a similar venue, and dump this one Just Because you cant make your town look nice.
    In fact, I'm actually considering doing that. I just saw a game advertised that is similar but more fantasy like. I COULD ask my members If they want to start over somewhere else.
    Anyway, I said my peice. Hopefully they take everything that Everyone has said into consideration. Or suffer the consequences.

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    A - the smaller houses seem to be more popular than the larger taller housing.
    B - we, Devs and players, are all running out of useable space.
    C - a lot of the event and yacht club decor,whilst gorgeous, just doesn't fit with the houses on offer.
    How about several 2*2 or 3*3 'skins', in a variety of styles, i.e.cartoonish, jungle-like, stone castle, thatched cottage, brick mansion etc.
    These 'skins' would store up to ten of the current houses.
    They could be bought with a modest outlay of gems, ingots or TC and upgraded, either with already over-used building materials, with ingots or with ingredients like the upgradable decorations.
    Previously bought and upgraded empty 'skins' could be stored in the deco tab, enabling players to switch styles should they so wish.

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