I'm writing on behalf of a teammate because my English is better.

Two weeks ago we came first in the gold league for the first time. I received the trophy while my teammate didn't.

She has looked in the town hall repeatedly and also sent me screenshots showing that she has not achieved the legendary yachtsman reward. She has also looked in the storage and the trophy is notthere either.

On Tuesday after the race she contacted the support from within the game. She received the usual automatic reply as well as one or two messages stating support was busy and they would be looking into the matter as soon as possible. Yesterday she was told to do the update, which should fix her problem. With that message her issue was closed and she should open a new issue if the problem was still not solved by that.

So far there is no update for iOS or Android. And she is getting slightly impatiant after two weeks.

Is there anything else we could try? Thanks in advance for any help.