Please be aware that when taking a 135 ? task it might not be 135 points. I did one and it turned out to be a 126 zoo, 55 hots (the same as some of the mystery tasks). I have contacted support but no response as usual. I only do 135 tasks and would never to anything less (due to my OCD for a perfect score) so it wasn't a mistake me taking a lower task. It has happened in the previous 2 races to my team mates as well. One ended up with a 108 train and the other was a 132 copter. At first we thought they had taken a lower task by mistake (instead of dumping it) but now we know it's a glitch/bug as it has happened to 3 of us in 3 weeks running and we only do perfect score (16x135). Be careful with the ? tasks and hopefully Playrix will fix it!