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Thread: Dumping Too Many Tasks

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    Dumping Too Many Tasks

    We have 5 members in our co-op. In the last Regatta my team dumped 521 tasks. One of my coleaders dumped 278 alone. I find this excessive. We are in the Golden League. Isn't this to many tasks to dump??

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    I'm not sure there is such a thing as too many.. it depends more on what they're dumping and why. We dump tasks below our points threshold for the week, then sometimes if there are many duplicates, then slow ones if we need fast tasks and there aren't any. Everything else is taken as it appears. Your team may be being too picky and just dumping over and over looking to get their favourite tasks, but you'd have to ask them. As a reference, I'm in a 10 person co op and dumped 300 or so by myself last week, though everybody else only dumped about 20 each because I got there first, lol. That said, we aren't back up to golden yet so can dump as many as we like with no penalty. We could have got away with perhaps 400 dumps between 10 of us us I think.

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    Good answer, Bessville. But my short answer would be, yes! 521 dumps for a five member coop is very excessive, especially if you are try to move up the n the leaderboard.

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    Well, yeah. That's too many, so there is such a thing, unless the leader and co leader have set up the co op to be that way and don't care about leaderboards etc. If that's how they want it and you disagree, it may be time to abandon ship and set sail with another crew.

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    With 5 members you need to take only 135 tasks and finish fast, so if your co-op is dumping long tasks and mystery tasks you could easily reach 521 dumps.

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    Dumping tasks help your team finish in the top 3 which is the most important to get rewards. As a 5 members co-op, you have no chance to be in the top 200 on the leaderboard so the penalty is not important at all.

    Balancing dumping and regata results are just important for team of 30 players that stand a chance to finish in the top 20 on the leaderboard and earn some T-cash. For everyone else, there is no reason to NOT dump any unwanted task.

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    Ditto The Dumping

    Call it sour grapes, but I'm quite perturbed that half of the task board that refreshes is/are smelt igots, send 10 or more boats out and mystery tasks. All of these get dumped. I haven't had ONE HOL since the start of this whole pirate season thing on the task board.
    I'm actually bored with regattas anymore since things have changed.

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    Sour grapes? More a case of bad luck.

    I started up the game right after regatta start and nabbed a whopping two 135 point HoL tasks right from the board. Now that's a kick start of the race.

    Gotta say the seasonal aspect does emphasize gold smelting and shipping by boat. Which isn't the kind of regatta task I prefer to do.

    And the mys(t)ery tasks ... LOL. I've taken some just because I had over 48 hrs to spare before race end but I sure hope I'll never see one ask me for 9 popsicles again. Ugh.

    Maybe next regatta season will be the "Lady Fortuna" season, featuring an increased amount of HoL tasks? One can only hope...

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    There's nothing wrong with dumping as long as everyone else (who's online) agrees and you're not aiming for the overall leaderboard.

    The latter is easy to confuse with the individual coop race standing.

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    @Williamston. I absolutely agree that since the upgrade I get very few 135 tasks that aren't islands, smelt, or islands. Hardly any factories, rarely mining or heli, and minimal HOL. This isn't including the trains or planes. I have been extremely frustrated as spend hours and hours. The mystery tasks should not have island tasks. There are already too many islands tasks so unnecessary to have for mystery tasks. Island tasks would ruin chances for getting top three as most top three are done in 1-2 days. Graylady made snarky comment about just not picking mystery tasks, but there are so many that makes frustrating. I usually get 1-2 -sometimes 3- per board, 1-2 islands, 1 smelt, 1-2 planes and trains, along with all the tasks that are not 135. I like a challenge, but this is beyond frustrating. Thanks for letting me empathize and vent. I get it.

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