I would like to see a casino where we can bet coins and tcash daily that multiplies the amount wagered.

It would work like this:
Rules: we can play 3 times per day, or 1 time (whichever is convenient for the developers), we can bet a minimum of 100 coins and a maximum of 5,000 coins. For tcash and minimize of 1 tcash or a maximum of 10 tcash. Or whichever amount is convenient for the developers of the game.
The Games in casino:
1) "Wheel of fortune" (or whatever you wanna name it)
There's a wheel with an arrow in the middle and wherever the arrow lands is the prize we receive.
For example, if I bet 1,000 coins and the arrow lands on "2x", or "3x" or 4x" I get double, triple, or quadruple the amount I wagered. Along with these chances to multiply my winnings are random items from factories or (if allowed) items required to build community buildings or expand barn. (Really whatever items the developers will allow as prizes)

2) A slot machine (limited to 3 plays per day/week)
For example, we bet coins (or tcash for more expensive prizes). And if we get 3 in a row we win a prize.
A jackpot where it has a massive prize of coins or tcash would be also fun to play.

I love the house of luck, but feel an additional building to wager bets to multiply our coins or tcash would be helpful since we need so much of them to build and expand our factories and required community buildings. (They're expensive)

So, whatcha all think?
Could the developers add a casino or could it be used as a reward for those who purchase coins or tcash with actual money? (Really it's the developers call)