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Thread: Is There Any Way To Stop A Factory Order?

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    Is There Any Way To Stop A Factory Order?

    I have 4 suckers in production line at 5 hours each and I need to make something else instead, can I stop it somehow?

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    Unfortunately, no.
    There were requests to make it possible to re-arrange or cancel orders in the production line, but they were ruled out by the devs.

    The only "solution" is to leave items that take forever to make in the production line while you sleep. So when you're playing, it leaves you the factories available for faster items that you need more urgently.

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    In most, if not even all factories you can speed up the production process with tcash.

    that alone will not let any changes happen ;-) check out the other no-no's here:

    personal taste: I wouldn't stuff a factory with several long-running products... (rather buy from the dealer)

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