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Thread: Having Trouble With Game Basics

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    Having Trouble With Game Basics

    I'm having trouble planting & harvesting my crops. Half of my animals don't get fed. I'm having trouble digging in the mine. I can't complete regatta, plane & helicopter orders in attimely manner. I have forced stopped the game & cleared data. I even uninstalled & reinstalled the game. Nothing works. Can it please get fixed? Thank you!

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    Could you provide more details on what's not working?
    Do your crops not appear in the bar to be dragged and planted? Do you have enough feed for say, 6 animals, and 3 of them would just disappear? Can you go into the mine? Do you have enough tools?

    You should describe in more details what the problems are, so other players can understand and try to help you.

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    Hi Sadone

    As there are no major problems with the game presently, it seem that it is specific to your device/OS. The first thing to do is check if your device has all the minimum requirements. Check the Help and Support section in the game to see if your device can handle the game.

    Make sure you download the game only from an official website too.

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