My experience of buying tcash one time for a Mother's Day gift ( thank you Alexis) and I no longer get tcash ads like I used to. Its been almost 4 months and I'm lucky to make 10 tcash a day. I feel they are trying to force me to buy more by taking them away which I cannot afford. I keep contacting playrix and all they say is the ads are random and they can't control them and they change from people to people daily. I find this to be a crock because the ads pay them to be shown and EVERYONE should receive ads for tcash since it's a necessity in order to place in regatta for good rewards! Especially if your like me and can't afford to keep buying it. Really puts us at a disadvantage towards the ones who do buy. Does anyone else feel this way??? Also wanted to mention that I play other games and get a ton of ads no problem. This is my fav game though lol