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Thread: 3D Model vs. 2.5D Sprite

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    3D Model vs. 2.5D Sprite

    When browsing the garden, especially whilst a contractor is visiting, did anyone notice how Austin and the dog are actually 3-dimensional models, while the rest of the cast are 2.5-dimensional sprites?
    For those who don't know, 2.5d is an image that mimics 3d movement on a usually isometric grid but is as flat as cardboard.
    - Most animated game trailers = 3d
    - Same games' actual gameplay = 2.5d
    - Pacman = 2d
    Look closely when someone turns around while they walk through the garden. Austin turns really smoothly, but everyone else's movement is quite jagged, because there are intermediate images in between that are used to mimic the turning. Even the cars and bikes on the street have this.
    Now I'm not complaining about it, I know full well that Austin gets to be 3d because he does more stuff (like cardio and guitar), and everyone else is flat in order to save on game data. I just find it funny when Austin talks to these flat people because you can pretty much see how different they look.
    Whay do you think about this?
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    Maybe it's because they're figments of his imagination that he has created in his desperation for human interaction?

    I have this headcanon that the garden is actually still abandoned and decrepit, and the entire game is Austin's dream.

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    I noticed that besides Austin and the dog, the treehouse swing is also a 3d model. This probably explains why the kids never use it

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