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Thread: Ghost Town & Other Level 100+ Activities

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    I like this idea

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    I'm glad you are having fun with this, Calafuria! Similar to your snow fields, my (former) Ghost Town had a massive bed of wildflowers covering nearly every exposed acre. Streets had crumbled to dust, with an occasional water-filled pot-hole to complete the desolation.

    Unfortunately, the aggressive Weschex Development Corp. could not resist reinvesting in the depressed real estate! It's rapidly rebuilding houses, so as to qualify for a land grant on the two new plots recently absorbed into the Township. It seems the miners were prospecting out in the northeast mountain range. After blasting away rock, they found exactly one miserable lode of copper, not nearly enough to justify building new smelts.

    The WDC hopes to make a bid on those abandoned plots, but it seems they've shot themselves in the foot: after short-selling almost all of their residential properties back to Evil Bank, LLC., they spent all their coin speculating in the Market. (LOL, the Raja Index of Commercial Goods).
    Mitchell Allen

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    Thank you. I am only level 56 but already looking for design ideas to use when all my factories are built and I can focus on my town's appearance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mitchell View Post
    Co-op:Wild Cherry Junction (Visit our blog:
    I was curious, and had a look and just had to post now: That is an impressive - and certainly helpful for your Coop members - page! as an aside, I def. like that you give credit to other persons /sites there. Thumbs-up :-)

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    You tought I had no more ideas...

    Nature revenge

    Due to an economic breakdown the city is abandoned. The great houses are demolished and the forest and the wilderness come back. Only remains a small village near the station and the port where rarely a train or a ship arrive. The remains of the factories are hidden between the trees. Here and there there are small farms each with few fields for wheat or corn or tomatoes, just for personal use. Some have also one chicken or cow or pig or such. The airport is closed and the airplane abandoned but not everything is lost: the small airport is still active. The streets are covered by grass and bushes and no more visible but a trail connects the village to the farms. Except for these small signs of civilisation there is only wilderness : trees, bushes, grass, flowers, ponds and rivers cover all the rest .
    Town: Calafuria
    Co-op: Horde #HR5R3F
    League: Golden
    Level: 67
    Zoo level: 12
    Platform: Android

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