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Thread: Getting discouraged...

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    Getting discouraged...

    I get so discouraged because my barn is always full! It never fails, if I sell something to make room, I'll need it the very next day. A month or so back, I took a risk and sold some building materials. The next community building I built, I had to wait a week before I could complete it because of lack of materials? I earn most of my coins by filling orders for the townspeople so I need most of the goods I produce. If I sell the raw goods and vegetables, I can't produce the goods. It's just a frustrating circle.

    I was playing religiously. But lately, every time I start the game, I hit the same problem and end up closing the app and walking away.

    Something should be done. There should be a separate place to store building materials. If that's not possible, then there should be some sort of help with storage.

    Guess I'm just venting because I know nothing will change. But it's sad when you're favorite pastime starts causing you stress. I suppose that's when it's time to move on.

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    I understand what you mean. For me, I have just decided to enjoy the game and try not to get stressed. If my barn fills up, I make balls of yarn from the wool pink cupcakes from the eggs. This has helped me. I have concentrated on expanding my town rather than building as I had nowhere to put anything that I built anyway. I just do enough to keep my population up as I use my crops a lot. A break away is not a bad thing sometimes. But I think this game is a long-term project, and it continues to evolve with each update. Hope you start to enjoy playing again very soon.

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    Don't get discouraged! Well I know it can don't say what level you're on but how about removing the majority of the zoo materials and focus on the main Township side? There was a handy thread on here that had how many materials were required for the next building. You could hunt that down and keep what you need and a few extra to get a good start. Maybe the extra shelves on the factories might help. My mom is notorious for making a huge amount of feed then collecting it, that burns up a lot of barn space. Someone mentioned a while back to delete the orders that ask for multiple items like (5 cupcakes). I could get all long winded and keep going but you will think I'm crazier than I really am. Just don't give up! You can do it!

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    Yes it is very frustrating! Sometimes i just sell everything from my barn, but first i make as many items as i can from the items i have, i buy alot of items from the market, like fruit and the items that take forever!

    And since i do not go near the zoo except to filltne boxs I just sell the tape, clippers, and wooden boards.

    I just sold everyrhing

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    BJ - the barn is frustrating for a long time. I've finally gotten to a barn size that works for me, but it took a few years. If you still enjoy playing Township, then I encourage you to keep on going. Your frustration is a feeling we all know. My personal goal has always been to increase my barn size. I've bought T cash with my own money. I play play play and build up barn expansion tools, and then just when I'm near having enough tools, I BUY the rest. This reduces the tools in my barn + gives me more space. Helping friends, HOL and earning Tcash all help. Raja is magical. Please hang in there. Let the Zoo be the least of your worries. It steals a lot of products, which you could use to help friends (HOL and earn Tcash) and fill Town orders - often you can get a 'run' of jewellery orders - which again make Tcash - all towards buying barn tools. And from time to time - there's that wild offer from Raja - to buy a barn tool, or even a few at a reduced price. That's what I do.
    I hope it helps. But I do know your frustration. Hang in there kiddo!

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    Bethany Clarke
    The barn storage is really one of the things that brings challenge to the game. Learning to manage building materials, expansion materials, crops, and products certainly requires some planning and maybe a strategy or two. As previously mentioned, focusing on one part at a time (town vs zoo) can help a lot. I'm focusing mostly on my town with my zoo an afterthought until I have my town where I want it. Then I'll work on the zoo later.

    To save storage space, I use my fields to keep at least 6 of each crop on hand. I leave the crops in the field once they're grown and only harvest what I need to help friends or fill my train/plane/chopper orders. I also make at least one of every product from the factories and leave the finished ones on the shelves until I need them. I delete all chopper orders that ask for more than one of each item and when I fill my orders with something, I immediately make a replacement and leave it on the shelves.

    I use the marketplace to fill in any gaps left by my usual strategy here and it works well. This system means that I can fill a lot of helicopter orders in a row, have a good variety of items on hand for my train, and buying a stack of items from Raja once an hour means my planes are almost always ready to go full. I save boxes for my friends to fill (almost always something easy and doable) and away it goes.

    This way, my barn is saved for building materials, expansion materials, and ingots with the rest of my space used to store items I buy that usually take several hours to make. It's a system that has worked well for me and has more or less ended the barn storage frustration. I still feel it once in a while (like when I'm nearing completion on a community building and 150 spaces alone are filled with items for that project), but then I just look for friends that need items and fill more chopper orders just to clear out the barn. Once my community building is done, I have a window of time in which I can stock up the barn again with factory items and I slowly use them up and free up more space for the next one.

    Maybe some of this will help you get an idea that can ease your frustration. Though it's been my experience that barn storage frustration ebbs and flows and it isn't always so hard to deal with. There are sweet spots as you level where you seem to have good barn space relative to your projects, which is nice. Good luck to you!

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    Tobelyn, the suggestions in here are top-notch, so I won't repeat them. Instead, let's look at this game like any other pastime: playing an instrument, going to the gym, etc.

    If you've started something, you had to crawl before you could walk, walk before you could run. Frustration is really just a keen desire to excel, so in a Zen-like fashion, frustration is good.

    Seriously, though, at each stage of your adventure with Township, different elements become a priority. In the very beginning, it was getting multiple trains. How frustrating it was to wait 4 or more hours for that lone train...

    Later, it's the airport, the mine, discovering islands, or something else. The only constant in all this is shifting product. The barn is just one small component of your supply chain. If you study what you do each time you play, you may discover that the barn is not your enemy. Maybe you did one or more of these self-defeating things:

    1. Started two or more Community buildings - this will screw you up worse than anything else, because you can't undo it, only "survive' it and vow not to repeat that mistake

    2. Boosted the animals or crops (or both) and then had too much of the same thing in the barn

    3. Instructed one or more factories or mills to produce as many boxes as possible ... without making enough room on your shelves! The result, of of course, when you discover the backlogged queues, is to clear the shelves all at once. Oops!

    4. Summarily dismissed multiple orders from the townsfolk, without considering supply and demand. Sometimes, it is good to fill an order of 5x of 2 seldom-requested end products (but never basic ingredients like sugar!)

    5. Shopped til you dropped - the marketplace is so enticing...see Bethany's reply for how to shop.

    6. Misjudged plane demand (1) - this is not your fault, as the latest update drastically reduced some demand levels. But, if you're using Raja, maybe you can hold off on prepping the barn with products.

    7. Misjudged plane demand (2) - Say you need hats. You promptly fill the tailor shop queue with hats, forgetting that you can't complete all of them (without speeding up with precious Tcash). The result is an over-supply of hats, as you scramble to get them elsewhere. This, of course, assumes that you care about getting the plane off without waiting for the queue to empty.

    8. Friends need help - and you try to fill the order with your factories. This is risky. If you take too long, someone else will fill the order, and you'll be stuck with extra inventory. I fall for this all the time, because I hate not being able to give my friends 5 donuts. LOL

    Anyway, channel that frustration into mastering the most challenging part of the game - Barn Management!

    Good luck

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    Wonderful explanations and suggestions all! Cheers!

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    Sandy, which is the capacity of your barn? Mine is 2100 ( with 3 nails more 2185) and always is full. I help always i can. My problem is when the next plane requests wheat or corn, the number of items always is very high and friends do not use to help me if i ask for those products.

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    Bethany, your idea is good, but 6 products of long time of crop are little. For example, some trains or planes request 24 potatoes, 27 pines, 21 peppers, 18 rubber.....

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