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Thread: Account Banned For The 3rd Time In Less Than 30 Days

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    Account Banned For The 3rd Time In Less Than 30 Days

    Hi! I was banned again for the third time for the past 30 days. I was banned twice in a week!!! Receiving a response that I was banned cos I was mistakenly tagged as a cheater is so lame. I dont know why it is easy for u to ban me. With no solid reason. No compensation. I am a leader of a co-op. Me being banned is not ok. I have a co-op to lead. You banning me stops me from leading my co-op.
    I never cheated. I buy ts cash from even offers. This is not fair.
    Sent you receipts before yet u keep on banning me. Please check on my acct. Cos this is unacceptable. I finished my tasks last Friday. My co-op is doing well. I needed to collect my rewards.

    Co-op name is Snowflake
    Town level is 111
    Zoo level is 26
    Barn capacity is 2080
    Town's name is Captain's Town: Claireville

    I need my town ASAP. Give me a valid reason for keep on banning me. I need some compensation. This is not fun anymore.
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    Sorry to hear you're having this issue.

    There are quite a few players who seem to be repeatedly hit by false automated flags. I'll PM a few of the admin here to see what they can do.
    Town: Amoria (Level 90)
    Platform: iOS (WVMX6K) + Facebook
    Always looking for friends who are kind, helpful, & design their towns to look like real ones.

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