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Thread: More Storage Please!!!

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    More Storage Please!!!

    I am constantly frustrated by the lack of storage in the barn. I spend most of my time trying to make room for things. I know that this is somewhat part of the point of the game but, perhaps if things were moved around. Like, store the ingots in a separate location like with the rest of the mining stuff. Have a storage for building materials separate from the food and item storage. Or, just increase the overall capacity of the barn! 🙏🏻
    I find myself playing less just because I don't have room for things.
    Thank you!

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    As you said, the management part is the main purpose of the game. The idea of having separate storage buildings for materials/products has been ruled out by Playrix (find list HERE).
    But it would be nice to increase the amount of storage we get with each barn upgrade..

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    Hi Tamara

    Managing our barn is the center of the game. The devs already rejected a different building for tools. See the link in my signature for more rejected wishes. Having said that, here are a couple of clues.

    Ingots : decide on an upgrade and just do the necessary ingots. Ore stay in the mine and there is no limit.
    Building tools : just keep what you need for the next building. Sell any excess
    Barn tools : just keep what is needed for the next upgrade. Sell the excess.

    Even a large barn is very very easy to fill. We still have to manage our stocks.

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