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Thread: Thoughts On Regional Leaderboard?

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    Thoughts On Regional Leaderboard?

    What are your thoughts on the regional leaderboard? I'm not seeing the point of it especially when you select the region you want to be in. I feel that if the GLB needs to be separated, it should be done by co-op size, not by a region that you select. It's like being an Olympic skier and entering in the bunny slope race.

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    Hi Elizabeth

    I really do not see why they introduced the regions and the corresponding leaderboard. It makes absolutely no sense as, like you mentioned, anyone can choose any region.

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    People like to be on leaderboards and I guess coops not on the global leaderboard would like the chance to be on the regional one, plus your ranking will be higher on the regional leaderboard if you are on global. I think it adds a bit more fun and competition for some coops.

    The problem with having a leaderboard based on coop size is that these do not remain constant every week, so if one coop had 20 racing one week and 15 racing the next week where would they be placed and would they keep switching leaderboards?

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