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Thread: What Should I Do If Co-op Leader Is Not Active?

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    What Should I Do If Co-op Leader Is Not Active?

    I joined a co op over a month ago, and haven't seen any sign that the leader is active. Has not helped any members or requested help. I'd like to invite someone to join but only leaders and elders can do that. I really like this co op but we need a leader! What should I do?

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    You can create another co-op, and invite everyone from the previous co-op. You should talk with the other players before you do that, so they know what's happening. Then you'll be the leader and can invite anyone you want.

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    Thank you dreadnought!

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    If you have a co-leader who is willing to accept the new members in to your co-op you could ask them. Does your leader race in the regatta?

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    Hyacinth, no, the leader has not participated in regattas or airplane challenge. I'm going to follow dreadnought's advice - my fellow co op members seem to like the idea.

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    Hi sdfcmary, will you consider joining my team? I have 4 really hard working racers, 1 so-so (improving) and 2 that will likely not stay in the co-op for long.

    Four of our players do 16 tasks. I am the only one of the 4 that does only 135 pointers, but I am sure the others will eventually get there as they are very competitive. I require that everyone completes at least 100 point tasks. We are in the golden league and just missed the 10th chest and so badly want to nab it.

    Consider joining us. We can use racers that work hard and enjoy completing as many tasks as possible.
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    Protown, the discussion threads are NOT for you to recruit! There are special coops-looking-for-members threads for that. I hope everyone is as put off by your spamming as I am.

    Mary, starting a new coop will work, but remember that a new coop will start down in Wooden League and you'll have to move up through the whole list. Playrix will promote the member with the highest "rank" under some conditions, it might be worth filig a support ticket since your leader has gone AWOL. The worst that can happen is that they say no and you do have to start the new coop.

    My personal feeling is that leaders should plan for this! I was having so many problems with updates that I promoted a couple of co-leaders and elders so if I couldn't play any more, the coop would be able to go on.
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