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Thread: Thoughts About Poem Contest On FB

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    Thoughts About Poem Contest On FB

    Until today I had the idea that not only the game itself, but also the contests where an international thing, regardless of the language of the players.
    No, with the autumn poem contest I'm not so sure anymore. I understand, speak, write and read the English tongue quite well, but I'm not a hero in rhymes in other but my own language. Meaning Dutch.
    I think that all players should have an even chance, and players from countries who speak only English 'cause they are born in an English speaking country should not have an advantage to the rest. The chance winning this contest must be equal for all players.

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    It's just a crapshoot, as beauty (also that of poetry) is in the eye of the beholder and with the number of contestants, what are the odds you'll win anyway?
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