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Thread: 49 Week Winning Streak Coming To An End

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    49 Week Winning Streak Coming To An End

    After winning 49 straight gold league races, Givers only Coop's winning streak is coming to an end. We are up against Endurance, #1 on American Regional Board, and in just 38 hours they have already accumulated 59,670 points doing all 135s. I'm proud to say we hung with them the first day, but once our top racers finished the wind dropped out of our sails. Congratulation to Endurance! You are a better team than us, by far!

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    Awesome Post. It's really great to see good sportsmanship instead of the usual whining about a coop cheating because you lost. Congratulations on a very impressive 49 week winning streak.

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    True sportsmanship...And a big congrats to all of you for having been at it for so long.

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    Wtg on your efforts and sportsmanship. I'm sure all your hard work was just as fun.

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    So happy to read posts like this. You got my respect. Congratulations still.

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    Such a shame, but almost a whole year unbeaten is an amazing achievement.

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    Awwww, nuts! But well played you for grace in defeat. I am almost sorry I missed it, since it would be so unusual not to see the lil boat far out in front. Now get started on that next 50 week winning streak.


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    Aww that must hurt! Congrats Dan, on doing so well and good luck on breaking your record

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    I'd like to say congratulations to you too captain, the
    'Gold league trophy streak' is far from coming to an end

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    This race is now over. Our completion finished virtually all their tasks, scoring 64800 points, in just over 48 hours, while we are still trying to finish with a like score just to know if we can. But even though we lost, I have to say this was the most fun two days I have ever had playing this game! I hope we do not come up against Endurance again for a long time, but on the other hand, I also hope we get a chance to race against some other top teams soon!

    If it was just by luck that we had the competition we had this week, then we were lucky. But if Playrix has changed things so the top co-ops meet up against each other in these seasonal races, I am all for the challenge, win or lose! Just imagine a week four race pitting the top 16 teams against each other! Perhaps there should be a super league beyond gold.

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