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Thread: Co-op Only Has Members; No Leaders

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    Co-op Only Has Members; No Leaders

    Our co-op has only members listed, no leader, co-leader, or elders. I read that if the leader leave it rolls to the longest member, how do we know who that is?

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    yes, I read that, too, but I'd expect it to show then in your list, as it doesn't have to be accepted or anything. If you have only members, sounds as if something went wrong (maybe several with the same time stamp, and the program doesn't know whom to choose?).

    You can't continue properly w/o a leader.
    If no-one comes up with a solution here, you'd have to ask Playrix for help, I'm afraid. Much easier would then be to leave and open a new coop, unless you are on the GLB or something like that.
    Good luck!

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    The system should automatically make someone a leader when the leader leaves a co-op. Are all your members active? If so, you could either form a new co-op, or, have each member leave and rejoin until the system allocates a leader. Members can then be promoted as necessary.

    Good luck!

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    Sounds to me like you are better off joining a new co-op or starting your own. Maybe those with u now would be willing to follow? Use co-op chat to ask them how they feel! Good luck

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